The graphic canon of children's literature

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The graphic canon of children's literature


The world's great kids' lit as comics and visuals


Kick, Russ


Seven Stories Press New York




1-Lexikon - Wissen; 1-Sammlungen

Geschenk von Annett


Editor’s Introduction x

The miller, his son, and the donkey 2
“The eagle, the cat, and the sow” 7
art/adaptation by Roberta Gregory

The ape and the fisherman 9
The wasp and the snake 12
art/adaptation by Peter Kuper

The lion in love 15
The fox and the grapes 21
The city mouse and the country mouse 25
art/adaptation by Lance Tooks

Little red riding hood 32
European fairy tale
art/adaptation by David W. Tripp

The mastermaid 46
Norse fairy tale
art/adaptation by Andrice Arp

The firebird 57
Russian fairy tale
art/adaptation by Lesley Barnes

The Shepherdess And The Condor 78
Peruvian fairy tale
illustrations by Miguel Molina

The Weardale Fairies 81
British fairy tale
art/adaptation by Rachael Ball

Four Fables 90
Jean de La Fontaine
art/adaptation by Maëlle Doliveux

Town Musicians of Bremen 100
Brothers Grimm
art/adaptation by Kevin H. Dixon

A Tale Of One Who Traveled To Learn What Shivering Meant 109
Brothers Grimm
art/adaptation by Chandra Free technical assists by BLAM! Ventures

Star Dollars 118
The Water-Sprite 123
Brothers Grimm
art/adaptation by Noah Van Sciver

The Nutcracker And The Mouse King 127
E. T. A. Hoffmann
illustrations by Sanya Glisic

The Little Mermaid 133
Hans Christian Andersen
art/adaptation by Dame Darcy

The Tinderbox 144
Hans Christian Andersen
art/adaptation by Isabel Greenberg

“Goldilocks And The Three Bears” 155
British fairy tale
art/adaption by Billy Nunez

“Advice To Little Girls” 162
Mark Twain
art/adaptation by Frank M. Hansen

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland 168
Lewis Carroll
art/adaptation by Vicki Nerino

Fables For Children 179
Leo Tolstoy
art/adaptation by Keren Katz

20,000 Leagues Under The Sea 190
Jules Verne
art/adaptation by Sandy Jimenez

“The Owl And The Pussycat” 206
Edward Lear
art/adaptation by Rick Geary

“Calico Pie” 210
“The New Vestments” 215
Edward Lear
art/adaption by Joy Kolitsky





The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer 219
Mark Twain
art/adaptation by R. Sikoryak

At The Back Of The North Wind 222
George MacDonald
art/adaptation by Dasha Tolstikova

Heidi 232
Johanna Spyri
art/adaptation by Molly Brooks

“The Tar Baby” (From Tales Of Uncle Remus) 242
Joel Chandler Harris
art/adaptation by Eric Knisley

The Adventures Of Pinocchio 249
Carlo Collodi
art/adaptation by Molly Colleen O’Connell

Treasure Island 256
Robert Louis Stevenson
adaptation by Lisa Fary art by Kate Eagle and John Dallaire

“The Nightingale And The Rose” 267
Oscar Wilde
art/adaptation by Tara Seibel

The Jungle Book 277
Rudyard Kipling
art/adaptation by Caroline Picard

The Time Machine 285
H. G. Wells
art/adaptation by Matthew Houston

The Oz Series 296
L. Frank Baum
art/adaptation by Shawn Cheng

Peter Pan 311
J. M. Barrie
art/adaptation by Sally Madden

The Wind In The Willows 322
Kenneth Grahame
art/adaptation by Andrea Tsurumi

The Secret Garden 333
Frances Hodgson Burnett
art/adaption by Juliacks

The Velveteen Rabbit 342
Margery Williams
art/adaptation by Kate Glasheen

Rootabaga Stories 353
Carl Sandburg
art/adaptation by C. Frakes

The Tower Treasure (A Hardy Boys Mystery) 364
Franklin W. Dixon
art/adaptation by Matt Wiegle

Peter And The Wolf 369
Sergei Prokofiev
art/adaptation by Katherine Hearst

Pippi Longstocking 378
Astrid Lindgren
art/adaptation by Emelie Östergren

The Diary Of A Young Girl 390
Anne Frank
adaptation by Sid Jacobson art by Ernie Colon

Schoolyard Rhymes 402
art/adaptation by John W. Pierard

Watership Down 412
Richard Adams
art/adaptation by Tori Christina McKenna

The Harry Potter Series 425
J. K. Rowling
art/adaptation by Lucy Knisley

Gallery 434
Various artists

Contributors 463

Acknowledgments 467

Credits and Permissions 468

Index 469


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