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Text & Bild

Base, Graeme


Abrams New York




1-Lexikon - Wissen; ABC; Wimmelbücher

Auf jedem Bild ist – ziemlich versteckt – ein Junge ganz oder zum Teil zu sehen: Finde ihn! (Es scheint, als ob er sich immer wieder aufs Neue verstecke)


An Armoured Armadillo Avoiding An Angry Alligator

Beautiful Blue Butterflies basking by a Babbling Brook

Crafty Crimson Cats carefully catching Crusty Crayfish

Diabolical Dragons daintily devouring Delicious Delicacies

Eight Enormous Elephants expertly eating Easter-Eggs

Four Fat Frogs fishing for Frightened Fish

Great Green Gorillas Growing Grapes in a Gorgeous Glass Greenhouse

Horrible Hairy hogs hurrying homeward on heavily harnessed horses

Ingenious Iguanas Improvising Intricate Impromptu on Impossibly Impractical Instruments

Jovial Jackals Juggling Jugs of Jelly in the Jungle

Kid Kookaburra and Kelly Kangaroo kidnapping Kitty Koala

Lazy Lions Lounging in the Local Library


Meticulous Mice Monitoring Mysterious Mathematical Messages

Nine Nautical Newts Navigation Near Norway

One Outrageous Old Ostrich Ordering an Onion Omelette

Proud Peacocks Preening Perfect Plumage

Quivering Quails Queuing Quietly for Quills

Richly Robed Rhinoceroses Riding in Rickety Red Rickshaws

Six Slithering Snakes Sliding Silently Southward

Two Tigers Taking the 10.20 Train to Timbuktu

Unruly Unicorns Upending Urns of Ultramarine Umbrellas

Victor V. Vulture the Vaudeville Ventriloquist Versatile Virtuose of Vociferous Verbosity Vexatiously Vocalizing at the Valhalla Variety Venue

Wicked Warrior Wasps wildly waving Warlike Weapons


Youthful Yaks Yodelling in Yellow Yachts

Zany Zebras Zigzagging in Zinc Zeppelins


Im Internet gibt es dazu natürlich haufenweise Literatur – so auch diese Liste mit den dargestellten Begriffen:



by Graeme Base

An Armoured Armadillo Avoiding an Angry Alligator

aqueduct alphabet admiral ape acrobats aborigine abacus athlete ant airplane asparagus ark anteater albatross atlas arrarat (?) "aaraon a aardvark" "a acacia avenue" "adelaide australia" atom anchovies artist ace asp (?adder) archer alarm clock ambulance antenna alien apple anvil acorn anchor accordion australia afghan apricot anglican (?) apron asteroid angel anagram astronaut avocado apron asterisk allegro algebra actors (?acting) UNKNOWN: deer/elk (antler?)

Beautiful Blue Butterflies Basking by a Babbling Brook

bassoon baboon bear bonnet barn (?) beetle bee bagpipes bull bicycle backgammon bed bird budgerigar bread bellows bible boat buttons broom barracuda ballpoint pen bhudda bottle bell brush balloon bucket beer battleship belt bomb barrel bat brick bat ball bucket bracelet box

Craft Crimson Cats Carefully Catching Crusty Crayfish

cathedral castle cook (?chef) camper cricket cross crops cow chamberpot (?cuspidor) cucumber corn cheese chess celery cabbage charms (necklace) cone cassette cube can (?

cylinder) concertina camera cap collar cobra calendar cannot canary cage calculator cards clubs cactus Concorde carrot crocodile coke clarinet chest (treasure) coins candy cane coconut comb camel crab cemetery caravan (?) car champagne caterpillar crane checkered flag chicken Chevrolet chimpanzee crayfish cheetah candle candlestick cup coffee crab clock crown crutch chair crate cork cornflakes clam cog cake chandelier crossword puzzle canoe UNKOWN: spool of thread (cotton?) slingshot

Diabolical Dragons Daintily Devouring Delicious Delicacies

decanter door doorknob dog dachshund digital "D" D-Day date drill dynamite dresser (drawer?) dice dustpan duster dandelion delta dictionary diary deuteronomy decade dromedary dinghy Damocles dome doughnuts draughts daiquiri dodecahedron dutch doll dentures dagger dart delft deluxe dolphin dollar sign diamonds devil dumbbell dripping decagon doctor drambuie december diagonal dwarf dragonfly dominoes dodo dove daffodil dinosaurs dam drowning destroyer donkey deer drawbridge double decker bus dutch door dalmation dingo diploma duck drummer daniel boon (?) dial daisy decalogue (ten commandments) Dough Boy (soldier?) UNKNOWN: wine jug (decanter?) 12.5 mouse (dormouse?) clock (digital clock?) crab (dungeness?) robot blimp (dirigible?) australian soldier 2-wheel vehicle OI-OU-SH-OA (dipthong?)

Eight Enormous Elephants Expertly Eating Easter Eggs


Egbert Ethel Edward Emily Ernest Elizabeth Eric Esmerelda eyeglasses (?) emerald necklace earring entry exit eagle envelope easel eleven emu egg (ellipse?) electric light bulb enterprise earwig embryo elf (dunce cap?) eskimo E=mc2 eel (?) echidna equator éclair UNKNOWN: hotdog

Four Fat Frogs Fishing for Frightened Fish

fish falcon frankenstein fork fire flamingo fuchsia faerie fern feather (?) flute fan fox fly fungus funnel farm fifth

Great Green Gorillas Growing Grapes in a Gorgeous Glass Greenhouse

glockenspiel golf club golf ball gopher goblet gems gnome gladiolas giraffe glider globe gift girl guard ghost guillotine garbage can goat glasses goose gargoyle griffin (gold?) gecko guitar gong gauge glove graph garter geranium grasshopper gramophone gate gum tree (eucalyptus) gazebo grate grandma gooligulch (?) goal gallows galleon gladiator gutter (rain) ghoul Greek columns (?) UNKNOWN: mountains chimpanzee (gibbon?)

Horrible Hairy Hogs Hurrying Homeward on Heavily Harnessed Horses

hang-glider hawk hippo hunter hatchet happy face hyena hamsters honey jar hummingbird ham-and-egg sandwich hamlet harlequin (?) handkerchief hammock humpty-dumpty hammer heart handle hymnal hen hydrant hourglass helicopter hare horoscope (zodiac) house hill hand-grenade hinge hearts holly handbag haversack horse hoof harness hieroglyph hatch hedgehog handcuffs hurricane? UNKNOWN: sunflower seeds fish skeleton (herring?) brick-

hay building fishing pole

Ingenious Iguanas Improvising an Intricate Impromptu on Impossibly Impractical Instruments

iceberg ice cream cone iron india ink israel italy ireland isoceles ibis inches icarus iron bars (?) igloo ingot UNKNOWN: white-flowered plant bar-of-soap (ivory?) prison-bars (iron?)

Jovial Jackals Juggling Jugs of Jelly in the Jungle

jacket jewelry (?) jack-in-the-box judge jam japanese flag jester jack (card) jazz jukebox jasmine jaguar jet javelin UNKNOWN: white flower (jasmine?)

Kid Kookaburra and Kelly Kangaroo Kidnapping Kitty Koala

King St Keystone cops King Kong kite kaleidoscope klup kiosk kettle k-86-w kiss me kelloggs king (card) kerosene knight keel kit-kat bar keys keg kleenex kitting kilt knapsack knitting kayak kiwi UNKNOWN: stalin-like poster (kaiser?)

Lazy Lions Lounging in the Local Library

leprechaun lettuce lute lemon ladle latch lily lace locomotive lamp leopard lizard llama lorry (?) lobster lamb lattice ladder law literature loch lomand levitation lady j. locke living legends dr. Livingstone leonardo luke luxembourg (lets go?) loves labor lost lacrosse lets learn latin king lear lassie come home limericks the lone range little boy lost lucky lovers lulu lawson lenin lemmings lions leatherwork longfellow latvia loons loretta lipton lyre lantern

Meticulous Mice Monitoring Mysterious Mathematical Messages

monitor mammoth marionette magpie minute timer missile monster moon mountain moose mermaid mole molecule monkey mandolin map mercator millipede medusa "Mm" million metronome music masquerade mint candy monopoly game meters money mug milk medal monocle microphone mask microscope magnet macaw taj mahal mushroom matches maggot

Nine Nautical Newts Navigating Near Norway

note noah narwhale neptune nymphs (nyads?) newspaper northern no nukes for NZ nautilis "near miss for noody" nuclear bomb cloud "northern star" nutcracker net nest nun ninety-nine

(99) nonagon (9-sided polygon) north (symbol) nazi (swastika) UNKNOWN: bird (nightingale?)

One Outrageous Old Ostrich Ordering an Onion Omelette

orange oboe oasis octagon octopus O-ring (?) oil owl otter oak obelisk ox oar onion oats (?) oven orchid ottoman octave orangutan orchestra outboard motor olive tree ocelot UNKNOWN: castle-sewing machine shaped thing (left edge of large circle)

Proud Peacocks Preening Perfect Plumage

porpoise patchwork quilt painter pyramid prism peas python potatoes piano parchment printing press page possum persimmon poppies package palm trees palm (hand) policeman pied

piper pharaoh pythagoras pig perambulator politician plow pitchfork pheasant puffin pumpkin panda pinecone pedestal pan pan-pipe penguin platypus plug (elec outlet) periscope pond pine tree pear (tree) plums purse peter-piper poodle parasol professor pens porcupine pagoda pisa (tower of) parthenon paris palace prince princess pelican pirate parrot peace sign pope eye patch punch and judy pygmy prisoner Pegasus pawn pineapple pail pump penguin paddle prison prehensile parachute portrait (?) UNKNOWN: pendulum (?) bird in right tree (partridge?)

Quivering Quails Queuing Quietly for Quills

queen Quixote quoits (game) quantas airlines quay quiz questionnaire quiver quart queensland quotient quadrant quince question marks quartz quarter note quality quills quilt quarter circle UNKOWN: the building; the faint markings on the ceiling; the brick wall

Richly Robed Rhinoceroses Riding in Rickety Red Rickshaws

restaurant reubens rembrant route 66 rum robin rocking horse reindeer rocking chair racquet (tennis) rocket rake rabbit rolling pin revolver roulette wheel rose register (cash) recorder refrigerator rifle roman numerals ruby raccoon raspberry robot rust ram raven rooster ralphs rent-a-robot rat razor rattlesnake ring ratio roller skate repair tape rowboat rhodoendren (?) rug rung (ladder)

Six Slithering Snakes Sliding Silently Southward

sugar silo semaphore sailboat shark scarf south sign skeleton sandcastle scorpion Sat 16 Sept Sun 17 Sept sharp pencil seive sardine can scrabble sapphire skate soup sandal stump salamander saint seal surfer sand skull shamrock spectacles slingshot sandpiper swan swallow salmon skunk stepladder sofa stereo scarab star-of-david sparrow squirrel sextant squid seahorse spider saddle stirrup sheriff shield United States switzerland swastika sickle sunflowers sandwich skis snowshoes stretcher spy spanner screw screwdriver statue skyline skyscraper shrug Sagittarius shovel sledge scythe scissors saw snippers scalpel scooter shed salt strawberry spoon spaghetti soda straw saturn satellites sneeze see-saw stop spring staple sheep shepard scot scarecrow sloth stork spoonbill safe shrew skip-rope scroll switch soccer swim snorkel syringe stethascope siphon starfish shell sphinx sun staff sundial snail slug sprocket stag (?) spinning stool spool song (?) shuttle satellite SOS stars sombrero stein

sarape sax synthesizer superman shower suitcase sydney stockholm san francisco sao paolo shuttlecock skittle (?) satyr stalactite stalagmite steamroller slide swingset sword santa sleigh

Two Tigers Taking the 10:20 Train to Timbuktu

typewriter turtles torchlight tank tornado tennis racquet telephone talon tricycle toad thermos tankard tortise tuba tentacles toucan toga tophat tea set ten tunnel tower telescope teepee totem ole turnstile tuning fork tambourine tuna can trophies tapir tuxedo target tractor tulip tv antenna tie tuba trombone trumpet ticket window tickets toucan tavern terrace tea room tarzan and the tomb of tutakhamon time table thistle theater cast of thousands toilets timbuktu torpedo trans tanzania tonight texan tribune till tomahawk tomato teddy bear UNKNOWN: hose bib

Unruly Unicorns Upending Urns of Ultramarine Umbrellas

UFO usra major ursa minor Univ of Utton union jack uncle sam ukulele underpants urchin (?) U-boat uranium (?)

Victor V. Vulture the Vaudeville Ventriloquist Versatile Virtuoso of Vociferous Verbosity Vexatiously Vocalizing at the Valhalla Variety Venue

vase vegetables vermouth violin vogue vest volkswagon volcano violet vermilion vote for vicks vacuum cleaner viscount voodoo doll valiant venison vendors valise vegemite visor vent vicar viking vampire viaduct vane valve (?) vine (?) vitamin C van

Wicked Warrior Wasps Wildly Waving Warlike Weapons

whale wharf wreck wheat witch wagon wizard walrus well wash washtub windmill waterfall weeping willow wall walkway wolf whip wave window wind (?) wireless wigwam wallaby wombat (?) wellingtons (rubber boots) UNKNOWN: red shirt; "W" pamphlet in red shirt pocket

Rex Fox Fixing Six Sax

Xmas kisses x-ray X chromosome X (roman 10) sign language (symbol) X (Braille) X (Morse code) UNKNOWN: gold leaf; houseplant

Youthful Yaks Yodeling in Yellow Yachts

yogurt yo-yo yeoman yin-yang yeti yolk yoke year yes yard you yew yell UNKNOWN: crab card hand word in water at far left

Zany Zebras Zigzagging in Zinc Zepplins

zulu zambia zanzibar zap zoo zaire zorro zing zoom Zimbabwe zodiac zither zinnia zeus zipper UNKNOWN: bull/cow, sunrise cameo

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